Why The New Name!?!

After being Sparkle N Spurs for 20 years!  Although this is a hard change for me to make, it was time for a change. 

My daughter thought of the name Sparkle N Spurs when he was in 4th grade while driving down the road to school one morning.  I already had a business I had been running at Fairs, shows for some time, it just needed a name.  y daughter is now 28 years of age.

I ran under Sparkle N Spurs for years!  Then it started! I was blamed all the time for not sending out orders that were never ordered through me.  Defending my name.  When we decided to go to court, I honestly got tired of the lady that stole my name in Oregon, a Womens Basketball team stole my name! LOL!  Yep!  I decided I didn't have enough money to fight that and the lady in Oregon could have the name she so happily trashed yearly!  

So one day I was sitting with a friend and I said hey, what about Cowgirl Roots for a name!  I'm a Cowgirl to the end, but I am also that natural Bohemian Women when it comes to clothing, riding or training.  Even eating.  The name just kind of fit.  There was a joke about me sitting on the fence right between those two words, and it all just fit!  

This came at a time in life and business where change and growth was needed!

We began the change!  Then Covid hit!  There was no tack to be sold, no money to buy tack and new T-Shirts just weren't on the list for people shopping.  It was a long wait! 

During that time I had some intense life changes!  Already disabled from a brain injury, I am now 85% blind and along with a few other issues I am gently taking care of myself while Cowgirling it Up and laying down more roots! 

I am back!  In full effect!  Working for the dream!  I've been designing, creating items, creating a work force and getting it done!  

This round no one can steal my name Cowgirl Roots Designs© aka Cowgirl Roots.  Everything is tagged, and it's all art work and well things are going to be grand!  

I am excited to share with you all of the new products and designs we have posted on our web site.

We are Super Excited for our New Product Drop and Collections coming soon!
Stay Tuned for the Live presentation! 

Thanks for being a part of the Sparkle N Spurs Family and now the Cowgirl Roots Family!!!!!!  

Cowgirl Roots Designs